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Who are you?!

Who are we? When addressing the topic of marketing to Generation Y this should be the first question that is asked.

This weekend I took a trip out to Long Island and got the chance to talk to several professionals from the horticulture industry. I went from landscapers catering to private residents to growers selling wholesale plants to retailers to garden centers both large and small to public gardens and even to the Cornell University cooperative extension office. When I had a chance to talk to the representatives from these organizations one thing came through loud and clear. We as the horticulture industry struggle to communicate with younger generations. However it’s not as if we aren’t trying to keep young people interested; it’s just that we aren’t hitting the same wavelengths at both ends of the spectrum.

One business that I stopped at told me that one of the biggest challenges that they are currently facing is that of reaching the individuals in Generation Y. He said that his business had a Facebook, but that they really had no idea of what they were doing online with regards to any sort of strategy. I began to think about his problem on my ride back to Cornell and came up with a few ideas.

Let me first say that this business at a physical level was superb. Everything in the store was fun, exciting and had a youthful vibe. However, when I went online, this was not the case. Everything was blocky and seemed cold, hard, and square. I tried to find pictures of the things I had seen at the location that I had enjoyed a great deal, but I could not. Their website was simply a space to promote specials and deals (which is completely ok but should not be the sole focus of a website).

This brings us to the real meat (or tofu for you vegetarians) of today’s topic. If you want to connect with Generation Y, you have to tell them who you are. Nowadays if people can’t find out about an organization or business online they don’t want to take the risk of finding out in person. This even goes for people. Before an interview or meeting with someone I’ve never met I try to find out as much as possible about that person online before meeting them in person. Therefore on a website and your social media sites you have to let customers know who you are. If you’re a fourth generation family owned business, tell them that. Tell them how you struggled through the last few years and what you have done to get by.

Another thing that young people want to see in a business is who works there. They want to feel like a part of your business when they buy your product. They want to know that Mike was the guy who helped them pick out the perfect plant for that shady spot in their backyard. At the same time they want to know who they’re dealing with before they shop. This is why profiling employees on your Facebook page or Website Blog is a great way to add necessary personal touch to your horticultural business. Showcase your young employees and say look we are Generation Y too. Millennials want to buy from other Millennials so if you can show them that at your business that’s what they can do then you win. Now don’t worry just because you showcase your “Rising Stars (Insert any other corny name for young employees)” doesn’t mean that Millennials will expect everyone who works at your business to be in their age group. They simply view themselves as a group. By you letting them know you are hiring young individuals you are showing that you want to help them get started, and in turn they will be more likely to help your business out.

These were just a few simple ideas I got from this weekend. Everyone seemed so surprised that young people were interested in horticulture. That’s what tipped me off to the lack of communication. Young people are DEFINITELY interested in horticulture. We just have to find a way to communicate across the generations.

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